Strategic Aims

Build Capacity in Neighbourhoods we Prioritize

The Guelph CHC’s goal is to provide clinical, and community health services to those with trouble getting better healthcare. We are able to provide these services and care by reaching out to the Guelph neighbourhoods we prioritize. By removing health inequities, heathier and brighter futures can be made possible for its residents. Our staff, partners and greater community are able to support and give residents the right and ability to take charge of their own health.

Engage in Collective Action to Advance Health and Well-Being for All

Our promise to the priority populations we serve is to meet their needs by addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH). There are a variety of factors that affect a person’s health which are defined through the SDOH. GCHC takes a step towards exploring the many health-impacting factors on how we can better help our clients’ overall health and well-being.

Strengthen our Culture of Learning, Humility and Growth

We strive to build a culture of curiosity over certainty, questioning our assumptions and continual growth and improvement. This means we are always testing new ways of doing things that allow us to learn and improve quickly to ensure that our programs and services are meeting the needs of the people we serve. We welcome feedback and see it as an important input into our improvement.

Provide Hope Inspiring Person Centered Care

The populations we prioritize are made up of vulnerable populations including those that are homeless, low income, with mental health and addictions issues, Indigenous peoples, LGBTQ++ and vulnerable children. It is through our special services and programs that we can provide hope and inspiration for both clients and staff alike. Our focus is to make sure we provide responsive, client-centred, high quality care in a well-organized and timely manner to support our clients in their greatest time of need

Deliver Early Help and Prevention for Children and Families 

Vulnerable children and families will be served through prevention, reduction of negative childhood experiences and building strength in young children to promote long-term health and wellbeing.

Truth, Reconciliation and Justice

  • We will continually strive to be anti-racist, recognizing we will never arrive at that destination
  • We will actively dismantle systems of white supremacy
  • We will unapologetically and humbly examine how we are contributing to systems of power, white supremacy, oppression, and racism
  • Our liberation is bound with those of equity-deserving communities
  • We will challenge inequities, power imbalances and injustices even when it feels uncomfortable
  • We will fight for equity and justice alongside, and directed by equity-deserving communities at all levels
  • We commit to having brave conversations. We will hold one another accountable to these principles with kindness, compassion and in ways that support our growth and evolution

Ten Year Vision 2015-2025

The Guelph Community Health Centre has changed its strategic aims to meet the needs of the community and clients. With input from community partners, staff, and the Board of Directors, the new strategic aim was created in early 2015 marking the beginning of a new era.

Health Equity is at the core of what we do at the Guelph Community Health Centre and each of 6 strategic aims all support how it can be met. This is why the pinwheel is a perfect symbol; the centre button (Health Equity) brings all the wings (the 6 strategic aims) of the pin all working together as one.

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