Nutrition Workshops

**In-person programming is currently on hold due to COVID-19. Dietitians are offering virtual cooking programs in their place. For more details on current programs, please click to see the monthly newsletter**

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Looking for some information about healthy eating, and about how to cook budget friendly meals? Join us for fun, free hands-on nutrition workshops.

Learn how to choose and prepare healthy meals and snacks and then enjoy a meal with us.

  • Drop-In programs – no need to register
  • Yummy Food
  • Free, no cost to you
  • Hands-on in the kitchen

Videos and Resources

How to Make Sauces for Spring Rolls

How to Make Moroccan Flat Bread

How to Pickle Vegetables

How to Poach Eggs

How to Make a Vinagrette

How to Boil Eggs

Homemade Pizza Part 1

Homemade Pizza Part 2

Parsley and Barley Salad – Video

Honey Ginger Stir Fry – Video

Kitchen Knife Skills
This video provides the ‘ins’ & ‘outs’ of basic knife skills. It will teach you step by step instructions on how to control a knife properly when chopping as well as different chop styles and shapes.

Diabetes Canada
Use this website to browse information and resources regarding living and managing diabetes. There are tips on how to manage blood sugar levels, creating meal plans, and general information on the best ways to manage living with diabetes.

6 Easy Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes
Use this video as a guide to help with meal prepping and spending less time in the kitchen. There are 6 different recipes that are completely adaptable and use simple ingredients and pantry staples.

Heart and Stroke Foundation
This website contains all information pertaining to heart disease and stroke awareness in Canada. There are tips and tricks on how to prevent heart disease, who is at risk, and ways to improve your overall heart health.

Canada’s Food Guide
A great resource for all things food and nutrition related. Developed by Dietitians of Canada and Health Canada, Canada’s Food Guide provides healthy eating resources, recommendations, and recipes to help you make better choices with food.

Budget Bytes
A website dedicated to providing recipes and meal ideas designed for individuals on small budgets. Nutritious and delicious ideas guaranteed to inspire your culinary skills.

Half Your Plate
A website full of recipes, meal ideas, fruit and vegetable facts while emphasizing the “half your plate” concept. Learn more about “half your plate” and why it is so important to consider when having meals.

Unlock Food
Learn more about food, nutrition, the role of a dietitian, and information on how to keep you and your family healthy while on a budget. Read blog posts and articles on specific nutrients or read the latest news in nutrition research.

Good and Cheap
E-book written by Leanne Brown on tips and tricks to support eating healthy on a tight budget. Full of recipe ideas broken down by “meal periods” to provide inspiration and variety to your cooking life. 

Guelph-Wellington Food Access Guide
A guide to help you seek emergency food services, meal programs, delivery services, community gardens, collective kitchen and more! Contains information of organizations, who to contact, how as well as descriptions of programs/services offered. 

OldWays Cultural Food Traditions 
A non-profit organization dedicated to improving public health by inspiring the public to healthy and sustainable ways of eating by embracing “old ways of eating”—heritage-based diets high in taste, sustainability, nourishment, and joy. Take a look at various international ways of cooking, recipes, and resources related to traditional diets. 

4 School Snack Ideas for Kids
4 simple, yet nutritious snack ideas for children to take to school. An easy step-by-step instructional video to ensure your children’s bellies are full and well-nourished while at school or ideas to help you during days off and/or weekends. Take a look!

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