Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I need an interpreter?

Our staff provide service in English; however, trained Interpreters who speak other languages can be booked for your appointment.  Please let us know if you require an Interpreter, as they need to be booked before your appointment.  We offer interpretation in 40 languages either in person or by phone.

What do I do if I have an sudden illness?

If you or a family member who is also a client at Guelph CHC becomes ill, you can call our clinic for advice. We will help you decide how soon you need to be seen. Sometimes your health problem can be dealt with over the phone. If you need to come into the clinic for a same-day appointment, we may not be able to offer you an appointment with your own Primary Provider, but we will offer you an appointment with another Provider on the team.
If you have a medical emergency, go directly to the hospital emergency department.

Do you have an on-call service?

Guelph CHC provides on-call services to our clinical clients. You can use this service if you have an urgent health concern that cannot wait until the office is open. Call the daytime clinic number and the service will contact a health care provider who will call you back.
If you have a medical emergency, go directly to the hospital emergency department.

How are test results communicated?

You will be contacted in the event of an abnormal test result. If your test results are normal, you will not be contacted. If you wish to discuss your results, please contact the clinic to book an appointment with your Primary Provider.

How do I get referred to a specialist?

A health care Provider must assess your problem before referring you to a specialist.  If you need a referral, please contact the clinic to arrange an appointment with your Provider.

How do I access other Guelph CHC services?

As a client of the Guelph CHC you are able to access a wide variety of programs and services which can support you in achieving your health goals. We have specialists or programs to assist with mental health and wellness, parenting, nutrition, breastfeeding and postpartum mood disorder, food access, dealing with chronic health issues, including chronic pain. Please speak to a member of your team if you would like to know more about our programs and how to access them.

How do I get medical forms filled out?

You must book an appointment for any forms to be completed. This is because forms often require information from the patient or a physical examination in order to be completed.

Exceptions include:

  • Immunization records
  • Notes for orthodontics
  • Notes for massage therapy
  • These may be dropped off at clinical reception and picked up 48 hours later.

Please note: Providers no longer complete passport applications.

How do I arrange medication renewals?

Long-term medications should be renewed during an appointment with your Primary Provider.  This ensures proper monitoring of side effects and chronic illnesses.  If you run out of a medication before your appointment, contact your pharmacy.  They can contact our office on your behalf to inquire about a renewal. In some cases we may extend a short term renewal until you are seen by a Provider in our office. Please allow up to 72 hours for all prescription renewals.

How do I get travel immunizations?

Guelph CHC does not offer travel immunizations. For more information about travel immunizations please contact:

WDG Public Health

Guelph Travel Health Clinic

What if I need to transfer care?

If you move or decide to transfer your care to another health care provider, please ask your new Provider to notify us. We will arrange to transfer your records directly.

What are my rights and responsibilities as a client?

As a client of the Guelph CHC you have certain rights and responsibilities. Please read these and if you have any questions speak to your health care provider.

What about privacy?

As Providers of your health care, we take privacy very seriously. Clients should be familiar with out privacy policy and if they have any questions or concerns they should speak with their provider or our Privacy Officer, Navjot Thandi.

How do I make a complaint?

We are always wanting to improve our services for our clients. If you have feedback or a concern you would like to raise please contact Jan Klotz, Client Care Manager at 519-821-6638 Ext. 394. 

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