Craving Change

Craving Change is a How To Workshop for changing your relationship with food.

Craving Change™ gives you:

  • Information that is practical and to the point.
  • Real life examples that demonstrate the key messages.
  • Self awareness activities and worksheets you can use right away.
  • Step-by-step instructions to make it easy to try new strategies for change.

The Craving Change™ program is NOT a diet.  It does not teach you what, when, where, or how much to eat.  Rather it focuses on WHY you eat the way you do.  As you become more aware of your own personal eating triggers, you will be better able to control your food cravings and change your problematic eating behaviours.

By participating in this program you will learn:

  • why you eat the way you do
  • how to comfort yourself without food
  • strategies to change your thinking and change your eating.

For more information on Craving Change programs in the community visit Craving Change

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